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BUDGET MAKER 2011-2012

This is your chance to set priorities and tell Essex County Council how to keep its spending beneath the limit set by lower government grant and a council tax freeze. The starting position assumes no change in the level of service in 2010-2011. This would require a council tax increase of 14.1%, which is impossible because of the freeze. Budget Maker will tell you when your package of changes is affordable.
Decrease %
Satisfed customers 2.7
Greater community engagement 32.1
Supporting charities & volunteers 6.2
Stronger Essex communities 14.0
A higher-skilled population 32.7
Schools 961.4
A healthier Essex 19.3
An Olympic legacy 0.8
Early help for vulnerable people 59.7
Vulnerable young people 124.3
Residents can choose care services   470.5
Older people in communities 41.0
Transport congestion reduced 20.5
Transport infrastructure improved 85.2
Globalised local economy 7.7
Tourism 3.6
Essex championed 9.0
Cleaner, greener Essex 1.1
Reduced carbon footprint 11.4
Less landfill & increased recycling 52.4
Safer communities 49.3
Other 175.0
Total   2179.9

  Change in Government Grant  
  Change in Council Tax  
  Is this affordable?  

Essex County Council aims to make over 300m of efficiency savings by 2013. This is very ambitious but we have already saved about 60m. We are now transforming the Council in these ways:
  • Buying better to save 150m
  • Working with partners to save 25m
  • Sharing and trading services to save 10m
  • Working smarter to save 85m
  • Thinking ahead on IT etc to save 40m
We will deliver these savings. But we still need to know what your spending priorities are.


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